Chillchat's Exciting Road Ahead

Our plans as a game development studio

Hey everyone!

Since we officially launched our studio in 2022, its been a wild ride. For much of 2022, we were heavily defined by our first project, our Chillchat Origins project on Solana. Then in 2023, we pivoted towards building Primorden, which so far has led to what many of our community were able to see in our Closed Alpha at the end of that year. 

two Chillchat Studio designers smiling together while working

Growing into a full-service studio

For the duration of the time that we were publicly working on Primorden, we used this project, our upcoming debut game, as the way to define our studio, socials, and online communications. Going into 2024, we want to push even further forward in our game development, as well as craft and solidify a stronger identity for ourselves as Chillchat the studio, the creators of Primorden the game.

Much of this building on the studio side has been internal, as we’ve been able to significantly grow our studio over the last year into a fully-featured game development powerhouse, from programming, to design, to art and more. Since we’re hot off the heels of our first alpha, we’ve been heavily utilizing these resources towards making improvements to Primorden directly based off what we learned in the Closed Alpha. We’ll definitely be showing off more of the game this year, and we’re really looking forward to everyone seeing what we’ve done in the time since last November.

Looking to the future

But obviously, you can’t solidify an identity based off internal team building alone, which is why this January we’ve made a bit of a change to our online profiles. We’ve changed our X profile and our Discord server from Primorden to Chillchat, as a way to set these as our studio home bases online. For Primorden, and other games we release in the future, we’ll be setting up specific profiles as we go along. These will be areas for people who are specifically interested in each game to get the updates that we want.

For our studio profiles, we’ll be featuring larger-scale announcements about our company as a whole, as well as communications that relate to our Chillchat Origin holders, and for our upcoming token, which we plan to release in 2024 and will be usable in all games that are launched out of our studio. 

We can’t wait for the updates that are coming throughout the year as we start to reveal what we’ve been cooking up since the end of our Closed Alpha. Make sure you follow us on our X profile and join our Discord server for updates! We’ll see you there.

It’s going to be a hell of a year.

– The Chillchat Team